At this stage, the Company is carrying out production of single prototypes and serial (batch) manufacture
The manufacture of spare parts and units is carried out in partnership with 5 (five) specialized factories and workshops, spanning over 3 years of stable and efficient business relations.
Our workshops are designed for the manufacture of basic equipment and components and fitted with modern processing, milling and turning lathe machines with CNC and specialized welding equipment.

While the factories in cooperation are equipped with the most advanced equipment, including three-, four-, five-way – metalworking machines, CNC machines, milling and lathe machines, drilling and grinding machines, high-precision laser units, industrial 3D printers of the latest design.

The following 6 (six) robotized production lines are at the Company’s disposal.
• robot-manned metalwork line;
• robot-manned welding line;
• robot-manned paint coating line;
• robot-manned electrical goods production line;
• robot-manned electronics production line;
• robot-manned assembly line.

All equipment is certified as complying with ISO 9000 Quality Management System requirements.
All the materials and ancillary equipment undergo preliminary certification and quality control procedures.
All the personnel, operating specialized equipment, receives appropriate training and undergoes relevant certification on a regular basis. Infinity SAV conducts regular internal quality inspections and check-ups in the factories, where equipment is manufactured.
The key prototype components are tested by overpressure; flaw detection is selectively performed.