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The 5-hour nonstop demonstration

The 5-hour nonstop demonstration of the prototype has been successfully completed.

This has been a very tiring day for everyone who participated and we’re very grateful to all of those who helped.

The actual running time of the prototype on the island was a little bit over 7 hours but due to some technical issues it was interrupted twice in the first two hours. But since our aim was to run it nonstop for at least 5 hours and prove it on camera, we decided to extend its operation until a stopwatch reached it.

The demonstration has been recorded by two cameras and both edited and unedited versions will be uploaded on YouTube soon.

First, the YouTube blogger Andrey Tirtha uploaded an unedited 6-hour long recording of the event on his channel.
Thereafter, we’ll upload an official video and the unedited version recorded by both cameras on our YouTube channel.

Please note that this event has taken a lot of our time and there’s urgent internal work that must be given priority, so it will take us some time before posting the video. Besides some of us got cold being exposed to the freezing weather for the whole day. But we thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

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