The Infinity SAV R&D Engineering team is represented by skilled engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, professional managers and other professionals with over 10 years of combined working experience and expertise in the field of design engineering, prototyping and commissioning, as well as in software development, process automation and customer relations management.

Our skilled, proactive and ambitious professionals are constantly contributing into research and development, design and technology implementation by performing a set of diverse tasks, including, but not limited to drafting, assembly, primary and post production, service and maintenance and others.

Based on our complex high-quality detailed engineering experience, from basic design to prototype development, we provide full service cycle of turning innovative ideas into reality.

Nevertheless, first of all, Infinity SAV is a solid team with a common goal and mutual responsibility. Our team does not expect individual functions to be performed from specific people – we implement the tasks entirely. Such an approach in the work of a single team leads to the fact that responsibility is not shared between people: each team member is responsible for the entire result. The consequence is mutual help. If suddenly someone fails or something goes wrong, and the team members notice it, we start helping each other: this is a common cause, and everyone has an interest in a positive result. A friendly and cohesive team is a prerequisite for the success of the company.

We credit our strength and endurance to a consistent approach to managing our business, and to the character of our people.

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