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The Centrifugal Boiler relates to a closed system of oil circulation in which electrical energy supplied to the motor is transformed into mechanical energy of the disk rotation, which in turn is transformed into thermal energy of oil injection. The device utilizes jet propulsion of oil that gets compressed under influence of centrifugal and inertial forces and is spurt out from the disk onto the reflectors, so the thermal energy is generated due to cavitation forces that act on oil passing through nozzles.

The process starts when the motor is activated and reaches 10,000rpm. Since both motor and the disk are installed on the same shaft, the disk also reaches this speed. Next, the oil pump starts pumping oil from the tank and supplies it to the rotary joint, where it is transported through the shaft to the disk.
Following the logarithmic spiral shaped structure of the disk, the oil is getting compressed as it reaches three of its edges. The closer oil gets to the edges, the bigger forces are created by oil inside the disk.
Two in particular, centrifugal force and inertial force. Under influence of these forces oil gets compressed.

At each of three edges compressed oil reaches high pressure and gets injected out of the disk through the nozzles and create jet propulsion. Once oil is injected to the deflectors inside the support panel it drains down back to the tank. Hot oil inside the tank passes between pipes of the flow heat exchanger exchanging temperature with them. The flow heat exchanger pipes supply cold water at the input that intake thermal energy from hot oil and withdraw warm water at the output. The oil after having given away its thermal energy gets cooled and repeats the cycle over and over again generating more and more thermal energy.

Warranty: will be determined by a distributor but at least 2 years
AS service: will be provided by a distributor in your country


Continuous operation

up to 8000 hours until maintenance


Life cycle

at least 10 years


Noise generation

60dB without soundproof casing


Annual maintenance

consumables inspection/replacement


Heat generation

insignificant with internal cooling


Legal permits

KC and CE marks are in the process of acquisition


Operation temp range

with heatproof casing up to 70°C for hot countries, with coldproof casing down to -40°C



will be determined by a distributor but at least 2 years

Total capacity 20,000 W (thermal energy)
Control system consumption 50W
Motor consumption 200W
Oil volume 10L
Oil circulation 35L/min
Disk rotation 10,000RPM


Your system will be installed by the official distributor in your region. That distributor will also service and maintain your system.

The noise level in the working condition reaches 30-50 dB, if necessary, the distributor can order the required number of units with a special casing cover up to 30 dB

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NO, YES (+$500)


NO, YES (+$500)


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1. Infinity SAV's liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of parts of the product which are defective in materials or workmanship.
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