In today’s world, the protection of intellectual property is extremely important for successful business development and new technology implementation.
Realizing the needs of private and industrial sector we combine our ideas with modern technologies in the field of heat, hydro- and electrical engineering.
Our portfolio includes more than 20 inventions and designs. We’ve been granted with patents for more than a dozen of our inventions.
The rights for Trademark and Patents use in the name of Andrii Slobodian and iSAV Co., Ltd. (Infinity SAV Co., Ltd.) are granted to our distributors only subject to conformance with the terms and conditions of License Agreement and Exclusive Distributorship Agreement.
The list of the companies, granted with such rights, will be announced in the “Distribution Map” section of our website.
Any unauthorized use of the Company’s trademarks and patents as well as patents rights in the name of Andrii Slobodian and/or iSAV Co., Ltd. (Infinity SAV Co., Ltd.) is subject to legal prosecution.

Some of these patents are listed below.