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The Network Energy Saving Unit

Infinity SAV is engaged in the development of power generators and the improvement of existing energy saving devices.

The Network Energy Saving Unit (NESU SAV) operates according to a unique algorithm written by our programmers and has no analogues in the world. This Network Energy Saving Unit was tested for five years and showed an average savings of 17.5%.

The NESU SAV is now installed on three sites:
– private house with a power consumption of 100 kW, saving by day is 11%, saving at night up to 21%
– Tula Heat Power Plant (TPP), on cooling engines with a total capacity of 150kW, the average saving is 19%.
– at a gas station with a capacity of 100 kW (there is no data on savings)

In 2014, the installation was in high demand:
– installation for refueling stations to save energy, the number of 150 units
– industrial sector with 600 enterprises
– private sector, settlement for 80 houses
– public institutions (by tenders)

We also developed software for street lighting where savings are up to 30%.
Within the framework of the state program, where all enterprises must conduct energy audits and reduce consumption of all consumed energy by 10%, our devices are ideally suited to these requirements – where there are no analogues.

At the moment, there are 3 companies in the market that are engaged in creating similar devices with energy saving:
– Israel. The device is intended only to save electricity for street lighting, the price is 3 times more expensive and the device weight is 5 times heavier than the Network Energy Saving Unit.
– US company “Energy S”. The device has shown its unreliability for many countries, because it is not intended for specific power networks. The cost is twice as high as our device.
– Russian company “Masandra”, this company engaged only in street lighting where it installed more than 1000 pcs. their devices throughout Russia. But the software of these devices failed, and most of the devices went out of order, the price policy is 4 times more expensive than NESU SAV.

NESU SAV is designed for mixed load, and this is:
– active load
– inductive load
– reactive load
– also removes phase transfer
– eliminates harmonic distortion

None of the devices listed above has these indicators.
The Network Energy Saving Unit is equipped with GSM transmitters, which allows to receive the necessary data via internet, namely:
a) how much energy was saved per hour, per day, per month.
b) temperature conditions of transformers
c) incoming and outgoing voltage, current, cosine phi.
d) remotely turn off the device
e) make changes to the software remotely