The magnetic boiler is a simple and very reliable water (liquid) heater that works without replacing its elements for many years (decades). Magnetic boiler works due to the operation of the magnetic field. An alternating magnetic field is created in the labyrinth system, where the metal heats up due to the magnetization reversal to heats the coolant. AC 50 Hz current is used in this system.
A magnetic boiler is more efficient than pipe electric boilers by at least 30 – 40%. The efficiency of magnetic boilers has proven by installation and operation for several years. Reliability and profitability is secured by a simpler and more reliable design.

In the pipe electric boiler, the heating elements are heated first, and then the surface of the heating elements give off the heat to the liquid. In a magnetic boiler, the construction itself plays the role of a heater. When passing a current, the liquid is heated by the entire volume of the metal structure located in the boiler. Using heating from the magnetic field it is possible to reduce the volume of the boiler several times as compared with a pipe electric heater of the same power. The power of the magnetic boiler depends on the temperature of the liquid flowing into it, and can be selected automatically depending on changes in weather conditions.
With a properly installed system, the boiler starts with a low level (less than 50%) of the nominal power, and as warming up, gradually increases the nominal power. Modern automation allows to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room with an accuracy of ┬▒ 0.2 ┬░ C.

Thus, the efficiency in the operation of the magnetic boiler is achieved by:
– lower heating inertia (several times);
– the use of modern automation;
– the use of modern radiators;
Reliability and durability is ensured by the simplicity of design and the use of modern materials.