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    • Its effectiveness is determined by 99 percent efficiency, and it does not change during operation.
    • Through a combination of magnetic fields and vibrations in the boiler does not form scale. This allows to achieve high efficiency
    • This boiler is very simple, which means high reliability; there is no connection terminal that eliminates leakage
    • The surface temperature of the boiler higher the flow temperature of not more than 30 degrees, which characterizes its safety
    • There is no wear parts in the boiler, no moving parts or loaded
    • Induction heating boiler is able to work for a long time - up to 30 years, and with careful operation term use can last
    • Easily compatible with all heating systems
    • For installation and maintenance of the boiler does not require a separate room
    • The boiler operates quietly
    • As the coolant is used in virtually all types of liquids: water, glycerin, oil, antifreeze.