Our in-house Laboratory offers an extensive range of testing techniques, including technology concept test runs, 3D modeling and precision studies of the devices under development, prototype assembly and pilot testing, revision and demonstration. The laboratory is equipped with a set of high end testing machines, such as oscilligraphs, voltampermeters and phase meters, standard-voltage generators, thermal imagers, logic analyzers, power meters, temperature gauges, electromagnetic background meters, and others.
The Laboratory serves as an effective platform for implementation of long-term technology researches to provide conceptually new competitive solutions and create unique products in in the field of heat, hydro and electrical engineering.

Specifically developed prototype testing methodology allows to obtain the detailed results, based on which a comprehensive functionality and performance data set model is created.
Tests are performed on a customized laboratory bench. The detailed performance data set model gives a comprehensive understanding of the development, its strengths, weaknesses and limitations, thus enabling to make well calibrated decisions regarding the selection of materials and details to be used, and the commercialization feasibility.
Below is just a brief list of performed tests and assessments:
– transverse, longitudinal bending and twisting loads tests;
– individual components (cylinders, shafts, seals, bushings) tests;
– noise and vibration tests;
– fatigue wear test;
– destruction test.
New coating compositions and formulations are developed to optimize surface quality of the prototypes.
Hardware and Software functionality testing, as well as ergonomic testing are essential steps in the production of a new device. Accuracy and completeness of the testing procedure play a drastic role in the product’s performance reliability and ease of operation. These characteristics become crucial in the field of mass consumer products, and especially, in the field of complex consumer electronics, developed by Infinity SAV.
Such testing allows to reveal Hardware and Software shortcomings or to verify devices stated quality.
Our software specialists have developed a completely unique programming language specifically designed for processors programming in various applications and devices, such as boilers, magnetic generators, water purifiers, air conditioners, and others. The sophisticated software we use in our developments is unrivaled throughout the world. The Chief Engineer of the Company, Andrii Slobodyan, leads the Laboratory researches and developments.