When you choose safety, reliability and automatic operation of the Infinity SAV’ MG generator system, there are several factors that contribute to the total cost. The cost of the system itself, delivery fees, import taxes and installation charges. Optional maintenance contracts can also add to cost if you choose one.

A completely installed Infinity SAV’ MG10 system will cost between $14,000 and $19,000 installed depending on your distributor’s pricing policy, government regulations, purchase plan and your particular property layout (installation costs may vary depending on the location you choose for installation). Materials and final installation pricing is determined after the installer has the opportunity to inspect the property site. The distributor will work with you and an electrician to obtain local permits for installation.

Infinity SAV Co., Ltd. WILL NOT be selling the generator directly to general public. You will be able to buy the device only from a distributor in your country. Our current distributorship strategy focuses on building a distributorship network of independent companies that will be targeting their local markets to advertise, sell, and service products of Infinity SAV.

It is recommended that you have Infinity SAV’ MG generator installed by a licensed distributor. Failure to do so could be dangerous for both family members as well as outside repair workers trying to fix downed power lines. In addition, professional installation is required to maintain the warranty. Most Infinity SAV product distributors are capable of not only performing the necessary installation, but can also offer maintenance agreements that ensures that the generator is being serviced on a regular basis. See Where to Get Service page for the distributor in your country.

There is no fixed date of the beginning of sales. The generator will first be available in countries where we have already assigned distributors, in other words, the sooner a distributor is assigned, the sooner you will be able to preorder the product. Typically, once a distributor is assigned, they will get their demonstration device within 3-4 months after paying the distributorship fee. After they received your preorder, they will be able to deliver the device to you approximately within 2 months.

No. Each distributor will be authorized to sell only to residents living in their designated territory (country). Also, generators sold in a certain territory (country) will work ONLY WITHIN that particular territory. For example, if it’s sold in Lithuania, it won’t work in Germany, Italy or any other country. Each unit will have a preinstalled GPS tracker that will automatically disables the device if it’s taken away from the territory it was initially sold at. This is made to protect market of each distributor.

We will be constantly updating our list of approved distributors. However, for some countries it will take longer to assign one. In this case, you will simply have to wait. The more preorders are placed from a particular country, the faster it will be for us to find a company that will take a role of distributor in that country.

IMPORTANT! You will only be able to buy the device from your official distributor. Devices bought elsewhere WILL NOT WORK due to GPS restrictions.

First, preordering DOES NOT mean buying the device from us. Second, you DO NOT have to pay anything to place a preorder. We opened our product for preordering in order to predict demand in every country in the world. Preorders from those countries that already have a distributor will be automatically forwarded to them to put each preorder in line. Preorders from countries that do not yet have a distributor will be used as an incentive for local companies to become a distributor as soon as possible.

In order to place a preorder you first have to register and login on our website as a customer. After that you have to follow instruction on the website.

If you’re from a country that already has a distributor, the distributor will contact you to verify all information and to approve your preorder. Once approved, you will be invited to visit a distributor’s office to sign a purchase agreement and make a 50% prepayment for the product so your preorder will be put in a waiting list.

If you’re from a country that does not yet have a distributor, your information will be stored on our website until the distributor is assigned. Once it is, we will forward your information to them for further processing.

Approximately two months. After collecting prepayments the distributor will place an order to Infinity SAV to manufacture prepaid quantity of generators according to customers’ requirements. After that they will take care of shipping, importing, licensing the product before installing it at your site.

Unless you signed a contract and made a prepayment to the distributor, you can change or cancel your preorder at any time. Log in to your personal account and make necessary modifications.

Yes, placing a preorder on our website is not necessary to buy the product. Actual purchasing process takes place in a distributor’s office in your country.
However, submitting a preorder will help us to forecast the demand and coordinate distributors’ work more efficiently.

Your local distributor is responsible for accepting preorders and prepayments, shipping, importing and delivering the product to the place of installation, properly installing the device at your site, providing aftersales service and maintenance of the device, dealing with questions and complaints.


If you’re interested in becoming a distributor you MUST first apply via our website. Please proceed to https://infinitysav.com/distributors and read Business Proposal and Exclusive Distributorship Agreement sample carefully. If you agree with the terms of cooperation with Infinity SAV, please fill out the attached questionnaire and send it to the email address indicated below. In order to become a distributor you and your company must meet certain requirements. After evaluating your information we will inform you whether and when to schedule a Skype interview.

Yes, if your company has sufficient financial, networking, distributorship capabilities you can represent as many countries as we agree on.

Each distributor will be designated a certain territory (country) that no other distributor will have rights and ability to resell our product in. Besides, each device will have an integrated GPS unit that will forbid the device to operate in a territory other than where it was initially sold and installed.

Each purchase of the generator will include signing a Purchase Agreement that will strongly prohibit unauthorized opening of the device. If opened, warranty will be terminated and system of sensors will disable the device permanently. Infinity SAV’ engineers developed a complex encoded software that makes the device invulnerable to copying.

The distributorship fee we collect from our distributors is the initial funds that we will use to kick start manufacturing of generator demonstration samples in Korea. It’s also needed to cover our expenses for internal testing, applying for safety certificates, marketing and licensing expenses, delivering the samples to our distributors. The amount strongly depends on size, population number and GDP per capita of a country, meaning that, say, USA will cost much more than Greece. The 100 thousand euro fee is the average that applies to most countries.

The paid distributorship fee grants you with a status of Exclusive Distributor which means that your company will benefit from monopoly sales within your territory (country), it provides 30% discount to all Infinity SAV’ products and full technical and marketing support, it lets you have full control over all devices sold within your territory.

The production of first demonstration samples will take place in Korea. Infinity SAV has signed Production Agreements with four different manufacturing companies in Korea that will focus on manufacturing a one part of the device. In particular, motor and shaft, drum with magnets and coils, PCB and other electronics, and casing with gauges and sensors will be manufactured and supplied to our assembly facility where each unit will be uploaded with our software, tested and sealed. This strategy will allow us to protect our technology from copying at the initial stage.

Upon manufacturing the first demonstration samples, our goal will be to outsource most of the manufacturing to other countries to save on labor, material, transportation costs, import taxes, etc. If demand for our product is high, we’ll consider outsourcing manufacturing right after we supplied the demonstration unit. In this case, we’ll have to sign proper agreements and sell the production license to our distributor or other local company. Manufacturing of the PCB and software, however, will always take place in Korea.

Upon successful testing and receiving necessary certificates (KC and CE marks) we will work with every distributor to help them to import the device to their country. However, distributors will play a major role in acquiring necessary permissions and documents to import, market, sell, and service our products in their country.

Each unit will be accompanied with sufficient quantity of spare parts that also can easily be bought locally. Trained technicians will have access to online monitoring on each sold device and will perform necessary technical service when needed. In case if a serious defect is found in a large quantity of device, recall expenses will be covered by Infinity SAV.

Before receiving their demonstration sample, the distributor will assign a team of technicians that will have to visit our workshop in Korea to receive sufficient training on repair and maintenance of the generator. Our online monitoring software will allow to have full up-to-date information about each device, such as number of operation hours, energy load, exact location of each device, ambient temperature, etc. The software will notify the team once an error occurs or some part needs a replacement. Infinity SAV will provide a list of all parts that will need to be replaced/repaired during the maintenance service. In order to prevent the device from unauthorized access, the trained technicians will have full remote control on the device including shutting it down permanently.

According to our calculations, maintenance of the device must be performed every 8000 operational hours. However, a system of sensors will automatically notify the maintenance team if any parts will need a replacement or repair. The maintenance service most certainly will include bearing replacement, greasing of all moving parts, replacement of minor electronic components, cleaning and inspection.

Infinity SAV will provide full marketing assistance to promote its products. However, each distributor is free to utilize their own promotional methods that must be previously agreed with us.

As long as it helps to increase brand awareness of Infinity SAV and does not confuse people distributors reserve the right to market the device as they please.


Technical specifications

Total capacity 13050W 6550W
Control system consumption 50W 50W
Motor consumption Idle – 200W, full load – 3KW Idle – 200W, full load – 3KW
Generated voltage 900 AC 900 AC
Generated frequency 400Hz 400Hz
Generated current: 11.2A 5.6A
Effective power output 10KW 5KW
Effective frequency output 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Effective voltage output 110V / 1 phase / 100A

220-230V / 1 phase / 50A

220-230V / 3 phase / 16A

380-440V / 3 phase / 16A

110V / 1 phase / 50A

220-230V / 1 phase / 25A

220-230V / 3 phase / 8A

380-440V / 3 phase / 8A

Motor rotation 1500 rpm 1500 rpm
Dimensions 750x715x528 750x715x528
Weight 80 kg 60 kg
Noise generation 60dB 60dB
Operation temperature range -40°C ~ 70°C -40°C ~ 70°C
Recommended retail price $15,000* $8,000*

* This is an estimate that does not include VAT, import tax, delivery and installation fees, etc. Distributors will determine exact retail price according to their country’s laws.

The standard warranty for the MG10 model is 2 years. It can be extended by a distributor for additional charge.

One of the distributor’s responsibilities will be to provide aftersales service to the clients which includes regular maintenance. The device will have a complex system of sensors and gauges that will indicate when and what service must be performed on the device. According to our calculations, every 8000 operational hours the device should undergo preventive maintenance which will be performed by trained technicians of a distributor’s company. The technicians will replace/grease/inspect all moving and electronic parts of the generator.

Once started it can operate non-stop for 8000 hours until maintenance is required.

In the absence of external influences, neodymium magnets remain magnetic for hundreds of years. Demagnetization of generator’s magnets is extremely small if the device is used properly with a rate of 1% every 10 years.

According to our calculations it will last for at least 200,000 operational hours. If maintenance is performed regularly and duly, the generator may serve indefinitely longer.

The device will have an internal cooling system that will automatically adjust to ambient temperature. In case if the generator is used in extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, high humidity) it will have special casing protection. Temperature limits are 70°C and -40°C.

Just like any other electrical device, the generator will undergo safety tests to acquire necessary certificates that will indicate its safety for everyday use at home, office, stores, factories, etc.

The heat generation of the device is very insignificant. Only the motor and electronic components will generate heat just like in any other electrical device. However, its internal cooling system will maintain a constant temperature inside the device.

So far we have successfully tested only the 10kW model. Our next ready for production model is 5kW. Currently, our calculations suggest that the biggest unit we can build is 30kW, however, with sufficient time and funding in future we will be able to build much bigger generators.

If bigger net output energy is required, our generator has an option of current synchronization, which allow to connect several devices to work as one. For example, 10 synchronized MG10 units will provide 100kW of effective power output.