Infinity SAV achieved a result that allows to get up to 20 kW of thermal power from a power source of 200 W/h of electrical energy.

The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV relates to a closed system of oil circulation in which electrical energy supplied to the motor is transformed into mechanical energy of the disk rotation, which in turn is transformed into thermal energy of oil injection. The device utilizes jet propulsion of oil that gets compressed under influence of centrifugal and inertial forces and is spurt out from the disk onto the reflectors, so the thermal energy is generated due to cavitation forces that act on oil passing through nozzles.

The process starts when the motor is activated and reaches 10,000rpm. Since both motor and the disk are installed on the same shaft, the disk also reaches this speed. Next, the oil pump starts pumping oil from the tank and supplies it to the rotary joint, where it is transported through the shaft to the disk.
Following the logarithmic spiral shaped structure of the disk, the oil is getting compressed as it reaches three of its edges. The closer oil gets to the edges, the bigger forces are created by oil inside the disk.
Two in particular, centrifugal force and inertial force. Under influence of these forces oil gets compressed.

At each of three edges compressed oil reaches high pressure and gets injected out of the disk through the nozzles and create jet propulsion. Once oil is injected to the deflectors inside the support panel it drains down back to the tank.
The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV is a water heater which is designed for instant heating. The boiler does not have a storage tank, and the water is heated by a straight circuit. The centrifugal boiler contains a double-circuit plate heat exchanger. Heated oil is circulated through the first circuit, and water that needs to be heated is circulated through the second external circuit. The heat exchanger is made of copper.
Hot oil inside the tank passes between pipes of the flow heat exchanger exchanging temperature with them. Cold water is supplied to the heat exchanger pipe through improved stainless steel pipes that intake thermal energy from hot oil and withdraw warm water at the output. The oil after having given away its thermal energy gets cooled and repeats the cycle over and over again generating more and more thermal energy.

The oil is heated by increasing the speed of rotation of the disk and starts at the moment of intake of running water based on signals from the flow sensors (in the second circuit of the heat exchanger) and temperature (flowing water below the set temperature). The thermostat is equipped with a mechanical regulator and overheating protection. The reduction in the speed of rotation of the disk occurs immediately after the end of the water intake or in the case of overheating. The water heater allows the system to work without hot and cold water mixers. The electronic control adjusts the heating power depending on the flow and the temperature of the incoming water, keeping the outlet water temperature constant.
Over-pressure of the oil inside the heating system is relieved by a safety valve.

Advantages of Centrifugal Boiler iSAV

1. Cost-effectiveness

Operation of the Centrifugal Boiler iSAV doesn’t require fuel at all. The initial impulse from the electric generator is required to start the work, after that the energy consumption drops by 90%. Consumption of electricity will be about 200 W/h for work maintenance, while the consumer receives up to 20 kW of thermal power.
Centrifugal Boiler iSAV significantly reduces the cost of heating residential buildings and industrial buildings. The cost of heating the water will decrease by 10-15 times relative to gas, diesel or electric heat energy generators.
The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV spends only 0.2-0.25 kW/h of electric power for the electric motor, while generating and transmitting to the heating system 20 kW/h of thermal energy.
Centrifugal Boiler iSAV system is very durable. With proper operation, it can work up to 20 years. The service life of the electric motor is 15 years, this is the only moving part in the installation. At the end of this period, you can easily replace it.
You will not need to purchase fuel for the boiler after installation, thereby saving a significant amount of money associated with transportation and storage of fuel.
The installation of the Centrifugal Boiler iSAV provides free space due to its compact dimensions.
Equipment fully pays off after about 1 heating season.

2. Comfortable work

The advantage of the iSAV Centrifugal boiler is the automation of the work process and possibility of installation in any building (only electrification is needed).
Centrifugal Boiler iSAV’s work is stable in automatic mode. You can operate the boiler through the Internet or telephone network. There are no fluctuations in temperature and humidity during operation. The Boiler is noiseless, so there is no disturbance in the room.
Centrifugal Boiler iSAV has excellent explosion and fireproof properties.
The system does not need special maintenance at all. Only seasonal technical inspections and periodic monitoring of the operating mode are necessary.
Centrifugal Boiler iSAV does not require the ventilation of premises provided for the coolant and water heating.
Boiler iSAV does not require high-power transmission lines due to the low consumption of electricity (required for electric heaters). The oiler is not susceptible to corrosion due to the lack of contact of the heating elements with water. The process of heating water comes from circulating heated oil in a separate heat exchanger. Cold water is supplied through improved stainless steel pipes. The overpressure of the water inside the heating system is relieved by a safety valve. The thermostat is equipped with a mechanical regulator and overheating protection. The supply of heated water can occur indefinitely.

3. Design

The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV has a stylish and modern design that will decorate the interior of any kitchen or bath.
The device is very compact, has small dimensions and light weight. Due to its compact size, free space is significantly saved in the room. Its size does not exceed the size of a conventional microwave oven. The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV is installed in a vertical position.
Thoughtful design of the connection to the water supply ensures ease of installation in the room.

4. Ecology

The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV does not produce any harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which lead to acid rains or ozone depletion.
The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV is completely safe for your health, because it does not produce allergen-hazardous emissions, there is no risk of gas or combustion products poisoning. Polyurethane foam insulation is highly dense and environmentally friendly.

Technical specifications

Total capacity 20,000 W (thermal energy)
Control system consumption 50W
Motor consumption 200W
Oil volume 10L
Oil circulation 35L/min
Disk rotation 10,000RPM


  • • Direct heating;
    • Silent operation mode;
    • Constant hot water supply;
    • Takes small space for placement;
    Record payback period of less than 1 year.

Three-Dimensional Model


CO² EMISSIONS per USEFUL kWh (kg/yr) - 20,000 kWh/yr


As electric boilers are dependent on national power grid, they consume electricity that is generated mostly through coal burning. Hence, their potential CO2 emission is the highest.
Gas boilers are less polluting but nonetheless emit a significant amount of CO2.


Ground and air heat pumps are generally similar in terms of CO2 emissions but are much less pollutive comparing to electric boilers as their COP of electricity consumption is much higher that allows to generate more heat utilizing less electrical power.


The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV is a completely closed system that emits a very insignificant amount of CO2 due to its extremely high COP of electricity consumption.



The COP of both electric and gas boilers is always less than 1 due to radiation and convection losses which occur due to emission of heat energy out of the boiler. In addition, gas boilers experience significant stack losses of the combustion gases that decrease their efficiency even more.


The efficiency of the heat pump is highly dependent on ambient temperature and their performance in cold climates drops accordingly as the air temperature drops. The most effective heat pumps today can rarely offer COP of more than 4.


The Centrifugal Boiler iSAV offers an extraordinary efficiency due to centrifugal, inertial, and cavitation forces of oil circulation. Its COP reaches 80 which outperforms any other heating devices the market today has to offer.



The Centrifugal Boiler does not have many parts that have to be maintained regularly, so its life span depends on the only moving electrical component – motor. If replaced, the boiler can last for over 20 years.


Geographic area and weather conditions have a significant impact on lifespan of heat pumps as colder and longer winters require longer operation hours. But nonetheless, heat pumps are much more durable if maintained properly.


Life expectancy of the boiler highly depends on quality of water as its corrosive elements can significantly reduce the ability of the boiler to function effectively. Also, excessive pressure may damage the equipment so overall maintenance has to be frequent and thorough.



Popularity of boilers is explained by their low initial purchasing costs but regular annual maintenance can add up throughout its lifespan to the price of a new device. Also, historic low gas prices make it much more affordable to utilize boilers as a dominant heating device today.


The purchasing price of the heat pump explains why this device is so less popular on the market today. However, its longer lifespan and relatively low maintenance cost allow this device to gradually take its share on the market for heating solutions.


Purchasing price of our Centrifugal Boiler is much more competitive comparing to the heat pump, Throughout its longer lifespan the boiler does not require any maintenance except for regular check-ups, the only exception is the motor that can be replaced to prolong the lifespan up to 100,000 operation hours.



20,000KW/year in comparison with electric boiler

22.222 x $0.2* ≈ $4,500/year

Electric boilers are not quite popular due to high cost of electricity in comparison to natural gas. However, in the remote areas without access to gas pipe lines electric boilers remain a reliable source of heat in addition to other sources.

*1kW electricity ≈ $0.2 (EU average)


5,000 x $0.2 ≈ $1,000/year
4,500 – 1,000 = $3,500 saving per year
17,000 ÷ 3,500 ≈ 5 years

With the COP of 1 to 4 heat pumps provide a significant amount of savings on electricity bills but their initial purchasing price is the major milestone for a shorter payback period. On average, in comparison with electrical boiler its payback time equals to 5 years of use.


250 x $0.2 ≈ $50/year
4,500 – 50 = $4,450 saving per year
5,000 ÷ 4,450 ≈ 1.1 year

The incredible COP of our Centrifugal Boiler iSAV of 1 to 80 allows to recoup all its initial purchasing price within one winter! Our device will be especially irreplaceable in areas with electricity shortages as it can be easily powered with a battery.


20,000KW/year in comparison with gas boiler

22.222 x $0.07* ≈ $1,500/year

Gas boilers are the dominant heating device in most courtiers worldwide and current low natural gas prices serve as a facilitator to implement them in most households. However, most reports on fossil fuels predict natural gas prices to double within the next decade which force people to look for alternative energy sources.

*1kW gas ≈ $0.07 (EU average)


5,000 x 0.2 ≈ $1,000/year
1,500 – 1,000 = $500 saving per year
17,000 ÷ 500 ≈ 34 years

As electricity is generally more expensive than natural gas, heat pumps with their big purchasing and installations costs have a very long payback period which explain their low popularity. But as technology advances and gas prices rise, heat pumps are believed to increase their market share in the near future.


250 x 0.2 ≈ $50/year
1,500 – 50 = $1,450 saving per year
5,000 ÷ 1,450 ≈ 3,4 years

Even though natural gas prices are at their historic lows, the Centrifugal Boiler iSAV is still much more efficient in comparison to best natural gas boiler available today. It can easily pay off for itself within two winters and become an irreplaceable device in remote areas with no access to gas or electricity.




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