Based on the cavitator’s operation principle we developed a water cavitation heat generator for hot water supply and heating systems. The heat generator is designed to produce hot water with a given temperature working on the principles of cavitation water heating.
The main working unit is the cavitation heat generator. Water is heated passing through it. This happens due to the formation of a vortex flow in the cavitator system. Occurring in it, cavitation breaks lead to the heating of the liquid. Running water performs the role of coolant.
Heating leads to a change in the chemical composition of the fluid due to a sharp decrease in its pressure. The energy released at the same time can be used for heating and is quite cheap.
This installation consumes 4 times less energy than radiator and other heating systems. In this case, the heating of the fluid occurs in a closed circuit as it passes through the cavitator.
The principle of operation of the device is to convert one type of energy into another. Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, and, in turn, is converted into thermal energy, and the difference between released and consumed energy is quite significant in favor of the former one.
The advantages of this cavitation heat generator include the possibility of its installation and use without any permits. This is due to the fact that electricity in it is used only for the operation of the electric motor.
This cavitation heat generator is easy to operate, does not require constant monitoring of the staff.