We are an international Team of young and ambitious engineers/inventors/entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience in electrical engineering and experimental physics.

Our Portfolio includes more than 20 inventions with 14 patents. Currently we conduct development of devices that generate power using clean renewable resources from environment. Several devices are under development and acquisition, that will also be able to generate power.

We are located in Seoul, South Korea

At the moment (3Q-4Q 2018) we are testing a new highly efficient centrifugal boiler and an electricity generating ocean water distiller, as well as continuing to work on obtaining the necessary certificates for the magnetic generator MG.

The most important devices developed by Infinity SAV:
• Magnetic Generator;
• Centrifugal boiler iSAV;
• Ocean water distiller;
• Induction boiler;
• Induction radiator;
• Network Energy Saving Unit SAV;
• Magnetic boiler.


Throughout the history of mankind science has helped us to transform our world into a better place to live and thrive. All our activities today are the result of scientific influences and innovations. But along with the better quality of living for many people in developed countries, our modern world is facing externalities associated with human activities that become possible due to scientific breakthroughs of the previous century.

For the last 200 years we have excessively relied on burning fossil fuels to generate energy. Today’s world is using oil, gas and coal to satisfy our energy needs for electricity, heat, clean water and food. All that dependence on fossil fuels has created the greatest environmental challenge that we have ever faced – the climate change. Pollutants in our air, drained rivers, contamination of natural environment are all the result of excessive consumption of natural resources that we have been restlessly ignoring for many years.

The growing global consensus over seriousness of climate change has led to the conclusion of the international climate agreement in Paris in December 2015 that served as a momentum for governments to implement policies for alternative energy development and educate people about potential consequences if this problem keeps being ignored.

We at Infinity SAV believe that scientific achievements of our generation can and must be integrated in today’s world and, as never before, must replace the outdated ways of how we satisfy our basic physiological needs. As supply of fossil fuels is unavoidably running out and prices for oil and gas are expected to rise within the next decade, the dependence on cheap and reliable energy sources is undoubtedly inevitable.

That is why our company is developing new alternatives that will address the environmental challenges of our time and help to preserve our planet for future generations. The technologies behind Infinity SAV’s products are focused on renewable energy solutions and relate to the most necessary and essential needs of humanity to survive. Our inventions are utilized in the area of energy generation, water distillation, refrigeration, cleaning and purification technologies.

We believe that humans all over the planet must have cheap and reliable access to at least three basic needs for survival and prosperity – electricity, heat, and clean water. Our mission is to revolutionize the technologies we are utilizing today for a better tomorrow for all of us.



Infinity SAV Team was started in 2008 by a group of Renewable Energy professionals who wanted their work to relate to their passion for renewable energy. With this passion and the desire to create a long term sustainable business, we have created Infinity SAV Company in South Korea, in the country that plans to meet 20 percent of its total electricity consumption with renewables by 2030.


Developed Countries

All big cities everywhere have greater needs and motivations than US market, because electrical power prices are higher and heating and cooking are often provided by air choking coal and oil fires. Beijing is a good example. Adoption of our technology is a health issue and an economic issue.
Government will likely force citizens of these large polluted cities to switch to electric cars, busses and trucks that are best powered by Infinity’s generators. Cities will likely force all heating and cooking to be electric. Electricity from an Infinity SAV generator is cheaper that coal or wood. People will naturally select the cheapest and cleanest power source.

Underdeveloped Countries

In underdeveloped regions with or without transmission infrastructure, the need for cheap power is the greatest, including electricity for:
• Refrigeration to preserve food;
• Cooking that eliminates smoke from burning coal, dung or wood;
• Lighting to extend the hours for work and study;
• Pumping clean water in and sewage out;
• Power for farms, industrial and home uses; and,
• Transportation electric cycles, cars and trucks.



The invention relates to the section of electrical engineering. The vortex induction heater contains a magnetically conductive vessel. It has a cylindrical shape with an inlet branch pipe for supplying a liquid or gas coolant and an outlet branch pipe for removing this coolant and an induction winding made of copper wire. The winding is enclosed in a sealed toroidal cylindrical body made of insulating material. In this case metal tubes are fixed to the end walls inside the said container, which are concentrically arranged relative to each other. The metal tubes have the same gap between themselves, forming a labyrinth-like passageway for said heat transfer medium from the inlet to the outlet. Induction winding is located inside these pipes. The second version of the heater provides for fixing the container to the frame. To the frame is attached a finned tube of the type of coil, one end connected to the inlet branch of the container, and the other end to the outlet branch of this container, or finned tubes, connected in parallel to each other and to the inlet and outlet nozzles


The invention relates to the field of heating technology. The device is a radiator and is used to heat the room. The radiator has an inlet and an outlet for the inlet of hot water. Water flows through a snake-like channel in the direction of the outlet branch pipe. The device is provided with a hydroturbine freely mounted on the bearings inside the channel and carrying at least two permanent magnets and an air impeller freely mounted rotatably on the outer surface of the channel coaxially with the axis of rotation of the turbine and the carrier, at least two permanent magnets facing to the permanent magnets of the hydroturbine to transfer the rotation of the last air impeller when hot water flows through the channel. The technical result is an increase in natural convection and a reduction in the time for warming up the room.

Patents are available on the page findpatent.ru/byauthors/418036