International Distributors

Proposal for a Distributor

  1. For cooperation with Infinity SAV signed a distribution agreement.
  2. Infinity SAV Company undertakes within the specified time to provide a fully functional production unit of the Fossil Fuel Free Generator and third party verification of performance.
  3. Distributor agrees to the day of submitting the Fossil Fuel Free Generator to pay a deposit amount of 100,000 US dollars.
  4. Distributor agrees to open its new company with the name "Infinity SAV "country of distribution" within the specified time.
  5. The Distributor must have facilities for the holding of the presentation device. The company must include trained staff of engineers, operational specialists and sales managers.
  6. The Infinity SAV company undertakes to provide all the necessary certificates and documentation for the products.


Terms of cooperation that we offer involve:

  • We prefer to deal with mutually exclusive distributors in each defined territory.
  • We grant a 30% discount from our suggested list prices.
  • When a distributorship agreement is signed the distributor will receive an exclusive territory of distributorship.
  • Full technical support and personal training.


If you are interested in becoming our Exclusive Distributor please check the attached documents and fill out the application form


Business Proposal

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Distribution Agreement

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Please fill out the Distributor's Questionnaire and send it to us by e-mail:


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